Steel Garage Doors

The companies we choose to work with offer products manufactured with the highest quality standards, and are backed by the industries best warranties. With our variety of options, you have the ability to choose the door design that fits your home and budget.

Popular Garage Doors


Charcoal Gray Flush Panel

Short Panel Frost Windows

Carriage House-Recessed

Black Recessed Panel

Thames Windows


Walnut Short Panel

Stockton Windows


Sandtone Long Panel

No Windows

Carriage House-Bead Board

White Long Panel Bead Board

Clear Windows

Construction Type


Single – Layer: Steel

This entry level door offers great value and low maintenance. Ideal for detached garages, storage units and rental properties.


Insulated Vinyl Back

Dual – Layer: Steel+Insulation
The vinyl backing allows you the ability to add insulation value while also saving money compared to its steel backed counter-part.

Insulated Steel Back (2")

Triple-layer: Steel+Insulation+Steel

The toughest, most energy-efficient steel door, includes the ultimate in thermal properties, plus a layer of steel for a finished interior look and added durability.

Insulated Steel Back (1 3/8")

Triple-layer: Steel+Insulation+Steel

Sharing the same look as the 2″ insulated steel back door, but slightly slimmer. This model gives you the durability of a 3 layer door as well as some insulation at a cheaper cost.
Steel 1
Steel 2
Steel 3
Steel 4
Steel 5
Steel 6
Steel 7
Steel 8
Steel 9
Steel 10
Steel 11

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